The attainment of Banyan’s vision and mission requires that staff we hire are highly qualified to meet the objectives of the organization. Recruitment and selection processes are conducted in a manner that will attract appropriately qualified individuals to fill positions at all levels of the organization.

Resumes and Cover Letters

All resumes and cover letters, solicited and unsolicited, are directed to the

Director of Human Resources
Banyan Non-Profit Management Services
681 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON L8M 1K3
Fax: 905-549-9011

All resumes and cover letters are maintained in confidence in our Human Resource Department. Material submitted is maintained for a period of six (6) months.

Summary of Police Information Check

At the time of interview, Banyan requires the submission of a current Summary of Police Information Check for those applicants over the age of 18, to volunteer or employment positions serving vulnerable populations, as a precautionary measure designed to ascertain whether personnel providing direct service to children and/or vulnerable adults have a criminal history that could potentially make them unsuitable for certain positions of trust.

The organization will accept as current a Summary of Police Information Check (SPIC), which has been completed within the last three months. The organization will not accept photocopies of Summary of Police Information Check (SPIC). The original Summary of Police Information Check (SPIC) will be returned to the individual submitting once it has been reviewed for hiring purposes.

A positive police check (i.e. when the police service has information about the prospective employee, student or volunteer) does not necessarily preclude employment by the organization. In determining whether a record is satisfactory or not, consideration will be given to the nature and circumstances of the charges or convictions and the risk or relevance of a particular criminal offence to the performance of position responsibilities and to the safety and security of clients.

In the event of a charge or conviction of a criminal offence subsequent to hiring, which could be considered relevant to an individual’s position responsibilities, the individual is required to disclose this information to his/her supervisor or Human Resources immediately. Consideration will be given to the risk and relevance of the particular charge or offence in relation to the individual’s job and a determination made as to whether the individual can continue to work in that capacity. Failure to disclose such a charge shall be considered a breach of trust and could be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Click here for the Criminal Records Search application process of the Hamilton Police Services.

Health Assessment

All Employment Agreements for positions in which responsibilities involved the care of children or other vulnerable populations served by Banyan are subject to and contingent on the provision of a satisfactory Health Assessment (Health Assessment Form) by a licensed physician, in accordance with governing legislation.

Click here for Health Assessment Form

Driver’s Licence/Insurance

All candidates, as part of their perspective job responsibilities, will be required to drive must hold a valid Ontario Driver’s License, and provide a copy of same, as part of their documentation at the time of interview.


Only those applicants selected for interviews with be contacted by Human Resources. Interview teams normally include two members of the programs management team. Interview candidates will be expected to complete a Banyan Application Blank and bring the following information and copies of documentation to the interview:

Application Form - Applicants shall be required to complete and submit an “Application for Employment Form” at the time of interview.

Diplomas/Degrees – depending on the qualifications outlined in the job posting, interview candidates must bring copies of applicable college diplomas and/or university degrees.

Training Certificates – As applicable to the position: CPR, First Aid, Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour (PMAB), National Life Saving, Bronze Medallion, etc.

References - The names, position, business address, phone, fax, cell phone, and/or e-mail of three (3) professional references.