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SNAP®,Stop Now and Plan, is an award-winning, evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural strategy developed at the Child Development Institute (CDI) more than 30 years ago.

Banyan’s SNAP® Program helps children and parents deal effectively with behavioural difficulties such as anger, by teaching them to stop and think before they act. Children and parents learn specific coping mechanisms, self-control skills, problem-solving and how to self-regulate feelings and emotions. Highly trained SNAP® Child Family Workers teach and guide the practice of these skills through various techniques like role playing. Children and their families practice how to stop, calm down and generate positive solutions at the “snap” of their fingers. Child and Family Workers (CFW) collaborate with the child and their parent/guardian(s) to assess challenges and problems and create an individualized action plan.

Banyan’s SNAP® Program follows the guidelines of the Child & Family Services Act.

  • Service Area:
    The family must reside in the City of Hamilton.
  • Age requirement: Children must be between the ages of 6 and 11 (admitted prior to their 12th birthday).

Referrals to SNAP® program may come from:

  • Self-Referral
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Family doctors
  • Community health practitioners
  • Police
  • Child welfare
  • Mental health providers
  • Past participants

The SNAP® Program is not suited for children who have or are diagnosed with serious physical impairments; developmental delays; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Families are encouraged to call CONTACT Hamilton at 905-570-8888 to connect with agencies who can provide the most appropriate support.

Services will vary in length and intensity, depending on a child’s progress and family needs. Family members may continue to be involved in all components as long as there is a demonstrated effort towards individualized goals and the service agreement is being upheld.

The following SNAP® services are available:

  • SNAP® Children Groups
  • SNAP® Parenting Group
  • SNAP® Family Support
  • Individual 1:1 Support Meetings
  • School Advocacy and School Support
  • Girls Growing Up Healthy

Additional SNAP® Services Offered:

  • Community Connection
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Victim Restitution
  • Referral to HAPP-C (Hamilton Arson Prevention Programs)
  • Sibling Groups

Funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services allows Banyan to offer this service at no cost.

The 12-week SNAP® group is a gender-specific structured group where caregivers and their enrolled child meet weekly for an hour and a half for 12 weeks. Caregivers will attend a parenting group where they are taught effective child management strategies that will be explored through group discussion and reinforced through role-plays and home practice. The enrolled child will attend a boys group/girls group where they are taught self-control skills, emotion-regulation skills, and problem-solving skills.

The SNAP® Program also offers a sibling group for caregivers who require childcare while they and their enrolled child are attending the 12-week SNAP® group.

Program session outline – 12-week SNAP® group:

Parent Group Sessions will cover the following topics:
SNAP® Parenting, Hard Thoughts and Cool Thoughts, Tracking/Monitoring, Listening and Effective Directions, Encouraging, Charting and Rewards, Effective Consequencing, Healthy Relationships, Setting Effective Limits, Dealing with Bullying and Family Problem Solving.

Children Group Sessions will cover the following topics:
Introduction to SNAP®, Listening, Hard Thoughts and Cool Thoughts, Dealing with Anger, Solving Problems, Feelings, Fair Play and being a Good Sport, Apologizing, Body Clues, Being Blamed, Stopping Stealing and Lying, Dealing with Bullying, Avoiding Trouble.


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