Support Services

Banyan offers various support services for youth who have been in conflict with the law:

Counselling and Assessment
Banyan’s Counselling and Assessment program provides brief counselling services for young people age 12 – 18 that are currently on probation.  Referrals are made through youth probation services in Hamilton, Haldimand and Norfolk.

Youth Mental Health Court Worker
Banyan’s Youth Services ensures youth with mental health issues who are in conflict with the law receive appropriate services and a coordinated service response. Through establishing effective relationships between the young person, the youth justice court (including the Crown and defense counsel) and appropriate youth justice resources, the Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program will function as a short-term bridge between these systems, and divert youth from the courts where appropriate.

Referrals/inquiries may come from the individual who has been charged, family members, friends, care providers, community agencies, judges, defense/duty counsel or crown attorney at any stage of the court process.

Court Ordered Section 34 Assessments
Through our Court Ordered Section 34 Assessment service, Banyan provides psychological and psychiatric assessments for youth who have been charged with an offense. We assist probation and parole officers by assessing the rehabilitation needs of youth through the provision of treatment.

Through the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, Banyan applies evidence-based therapies and practices, as required, to assist offenders in more effectively managing mental health issues directly impacting on their criminal behaviour, and in developing the skills to make better life choices and aid in their rehabilitation.

Reintegration Services
Youth are referred by Probation Services through the referral process. Once a referral is obtained, youth are assigned to a Reintegration Services Worker, where they meet and determine the youth’s needs/goals. Hands-on services and supports will begin as soon as possible to assist the young person. We support and assist youth with family-related problems, drug or alcohol-related problems, healthy sexuality support and support for youth who need assistance with their educational needs. We educate youth by providing valuable life skills, which reinforce cognitive restructuring, problem-solving, and conflict resolution within the community and home environment.

In times of crisis, counselling services are available for youth and/or their families via telephone, or in person with a home or centre visit. Where available, youth will be referred to community agencies that specialize in the specific form of support they need.

We connect youth to community-based recreational activities and programs. We assist youth and their family to obtain subsidies. Reintegration workers will directly assist youth who have qualified for reintegration funding, to assist in the youth’s transition to the community.

Services are delivered in the Hamilton, Haldimand, Norfolkand and Niagara Regions.
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