The Bridge Program is a community-based Program for male and female Young Persons in conflict with the law. This service, funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services is available to youth that have an existing probation order.  The program consists of two components, the on-site classroom and additional community support services. Clients can access the Bridge Program through Probation Services only.

Our classroom is operated by Banyan Community Services in cooperation with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.  Bridge Program provides a specialized classroom and community school out-reach program for youth (12 – 18 yrs) in conflict with the law.  The program is designed to promote academic readiness, assist with vocational development, ensure successful transition into mainstream school, and to decrease the likelihood of re-offending.

The Bridge programs additional community supports can be accessed by youth who have been deemed medium to high risk to re-offend according to a Risk Needs Assessment, which is completed by the Case Manager (Probation Officer).

Additional services being offered:

  • Individual Support
  • School Support
  • Employment Search and Independent Living
  • “Choices” Problem Solving, Communication Skills
  • “Brake” Anti Car Theft
  • Victim Awareness
  • Parent Support
  • “Steam” Anger Management
  • Recreation Leisure

Community Support Workers liaise regularly with Case Managers (Probation Officers), schools, and community agencies that may be involved with the youth to ensure that clients receive the recommended rehabilitative services.  With the help of the assigned Community Support Worker, youth complete their goals on his/her way to a successful discharge.


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