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Banyan is dedicated to quality service and the safety of our youth, clients, and employees. The organization has been accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA) since 2019. In 2023, we were successful in achieving renewal status for a four year period ending 2027. Accreditation is a process that provides assurance from a respected third party that the organization meets commonly accepted standards for good governance, management and excellence in service provision.

The CCA is a national, not-for-profit organization offering accreditation specifically tailored to community based health and social service providers across Canada. Organizations that participate in the CCA’s accreditation program are constantly evaluating their performance against national standards of excellence. Because its approach is rooted in community service values and contexts, CCA accreditation supports organizations to meet value-added goals that go beyond achieving accreditation.

This is one way that Banyan demonstrates its accountability to the community, funders and clients and its commitment to providing the highest quality of care possible.  For more information about Banyan’s Accreditation designation please contact us at 905-545-0133 x2223.


Continuous Quality Improvement
The Banyan Board of Directors is committed to the principles and practices of Quality Service Management.

To achieve our objectives, we will:

  • Ensure that anyone affiliated with Banyan Community Services recognizes all internal and external contacts as customers and is committed to delivering quality service to each and every one of them.
  • Foster a co-operative team focus so that all employees and volunteers work toward the common goal of quality service.
  • Maximize opportunities in an innovative, creative and responsible manner to position Banyan Community Services as a progressive organization.
  • Empower employees and volunteers so that they have an active role in the decision-making process related to their own work, enabling them to provide the best quality of service.
  • Deliver consistent messaging and a consistent exemplary level of service so that Banyan Community Services is recognized as a quality organization.
  • Ensure that employees and volunteers are accountable for customer satisfaction so that Banyan Community Services is recognized as a quality organization.
  • Continuously improve our profile to attract resources such as funding, volunteers and staff.
  • Promote greater awareness, understanding and involvement by establishing open lines of communication across all levels of Banyan Community Services.
  • Ensure all employees and volunteers continuously improve their level of service in order to exceed customer expectations.
  • Ensure all employees and volunteers share in the vision by providing training about Banyan Community Services’ goals, policies, principles and structure, and by fully training each employee and volunteer for their own job function.
  • Promote a positive attitude within the organization by recognizing the contribution(s) of each employee and volunteer

Quality Management Program
Banyan is committed to the highest quality of care, safety, support and customer service to our clients. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Risk Management are an integral component of Banyan’s philosophy, strategic direction and practice.

The purpose of our Quality and Risk Management Program is to ensure a program is in place to improve quality and safety, reduce risk and implement best practices. To provide consistent guidelines for the analysis and reporting of organizational risks and continuous quality improvement activities and indicators and the development of action plans for improvement where necessary.

To achieve our quality and risk objectives the organization will:

  • Embed quality and client safety in the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Ensure the youth/child/ clients’ voice is embedded in the organization’s quality program.
  • Provide the necessary resources and supports to maintain full accreditation status.


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