Family Services

Parent and
Adolescent Conflict
Program (PAC)

The PAC program provides family-focused, client responsive intervention for families in conflict and at risk of breakdown or harm because of parent/adolescent struggles. This program is in partnership with the Hamilton child welfare agencies, and is partially funded through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Banyan’s PAC program aim to do?

    Providing immediate response to heightened situations, PAC aims to prevent the escalation of conflict to the point of harm or family breakdown, to stabilize the family situation by intervening with both parent and adolescent, and, where necessary create a bridge to longer term help.

    The family is engaged in the following services as needed:

    • Family Contracting
    • Individual Support (guardian and/or youth)
    • Brokerage, linkage and advocacy including referrals to longer term supports or interventions
  • What makes the PAC program unique?

    A unique quality of the PAC Program is that it is very flexible and individualized for each family. Families can choose to hold meetings in the comfort of their home, in the community, or at one of the offices. In addition, meeting times are flexible for families too, where some request to meet in the evening or weekends. This makes the program easily accessible for families that might not otherwise have time to engage in the program, especially if they have other responsibilities like work, child-minding, or other appointments during the week.

What people
are saying

Thanks to Banyan, my child was eventually assessed and properly diagnosed, which opened up new and important support for my family.

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