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Youth aged 11–15
Program (SURE)

The Self-Understanding and Regulating Emotions (SURE) Program aims to address emotional and behavioural issues among young people aged 11 To 15 who face barriers to developing strong emotional and social skills, including being at-risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

It achieves this by teaching self-awareness and emotional regulation skills in a group setting. The concept for SURE emerged in response to an identified gap in service in Hamilton for programs that provide young people with appropriate anger management education and supports which are essential to building emotional resilience. The SURE program is an essential component of the continuum of services offered by Banyan Community Services.

Peer Mentorship Opportunities

Graduates from the SURE program can be given the opportunity to become a peer mentor in the future group sessions. Program staff will have discussions with Child/Youth attending the program if they feel the program would be an option to:

  • Continue to build confidence and skills in the child/youth
  • Learn facilitation skills
  • Support future child/youth in the program to mentor the knowledge and skills learned
  • Become a role model for peers

Guardians can have discussions with program staff to learn more about this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this program work?

    Within a group setting this Program provides knowledge and skills in self-understanding and regulating emotions for youth between the ages of 11-15. This program aims to have the youth better identify their feelings and thoughts so they can develop/enhance skills around problem-solving and pro-social decision making.

  • Issues/Concerns may include
    • Emotional dysregulation – a lack of self-awareness and ability to identify feelings effectively
    • Poor coping skills or strategies
    • Argumentative communication
    • Defiant behaviour
  • Services
    • Education around feelings and thoughts
    • Connect thoughts to actions – prosocial behaviour
    • Assertive Communication approaches
    • Self – Regulating strategies
    • Self-awareness of emotions
    • Effective problem-solving  with youth and/or family
    • Building social skills to better enable positive community participation

What people
are saying

The SURE Program helped me and my child connect. It brought us together and helped us maintain a sense of calm that we had been missing for a while. I feel like it helped me back on the right track as a parent and made me understand I am not alone and it tuned up my “tool box” to better my relationships in general.



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