Quality Improvement Plan

Banyan is continuously identifying opportunities to improve our programs. This comes about through many processes, for example quarterly reviews of program indicators and annual reviews of client outcomes. When opportunities for improvement are identified, they are often developed into Quality Improvement Plans as part of our annual operational planning and five-year strategic planning processes.


Banyan also develops annual Quality Improvement Plans for the Grocer-Ease program. Our current Grocer-Ease QIP focuses on improving food access among vulnerable seniors. This is being achieved by providing food bank deliveries to seniors living in social housing, and through the development of partnerships with cultural groups that help us to identify vulnerable seniors who could benefit from food deliveries. The QIP also aims to reduce social isolation among seniors who are clients of the Grocer-Ease program.


You can view our annual Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plans through the following links:

Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plan – 2023-24

Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plan – 2022-23

Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plan – 2021-22

Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plan – 2020-21

Grocer-Ease Quality Improvement Plan – 2019-20


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