SNAP® Program

Do you know a child between the ages of 6 – 11 years old who is experiencing difficulty at home, at school and/or in the community?

Does the child display any of the following behavior?

  • Physically and/or verbally aggressive behaviour
  • Defiant behaviour
  • Problems with family relationships
  • Lack of self-control and problem-solving skills
  • Difficulty making and keeping healthy peer relationships
  • Stealing
  • Bullying
  • Vandalizing or damaging property

Our SNAP® Program can help the child you’re thinking about.

For more information about our programs, please contact SNAP® and a Family Child Worker will advise you of next steps. Central Intake Line: 905 544 7778.

The 12-week SNAP® group is a gender-specific structured group where caregivers and their enrolled child meet weekly for an hour and a half for 12 weeks. Caregivers will attend a parenting group where they are taught effective child management strategies that will be explored through group discussion and reinforced through role-plays and home practice. The enrolled child will attend a boys group/girls group where they are taught self-control skills, emotion-regulation skills, and problem-solving skills.

The SNAP® Program also offers a sibling group for caregivers who require childcare while they and their enrolled child are attending the 12-week SNAP® group.

Program session outline – 12-week SNAP® group:

Boys Parent Group Boys Group Girls Parent Group Girls Group
SNAP® Parenting Introduction to SNAP® SNAP® Parenting Listening
Tracking/Monitoring Joining In Hard Thoughts & Cool Thoughts Introduction to SNAP
Listening and Effective Directions Dealing with Anger Tracking Solving Problems
Joint Session Joint Session Effective Directions Feelings
Encouraging, Charting and Rewards I Fair Play and Being and Being a Good Sport Joint Session Joint Session
Charting and Rewards II Apologizing Rewarding Body Cues
Effective Consequencing I Being Blamed Healthy Relationships Hard Thoughts & Cool Thoughts I
Joint Session – Effective Consequencing I Joint Session – Complimenting & Rewarding Yourself Setting Effective Limits Hard Thoughts & Cool Thoughts II
Stopping Stealing & Lying Stopping Stealing & Lying Joint Session – Time Out Joint Session – Time Out
Dealing with Bullying Dealing with Bullying Dealing with Bullying Dealing with Bullying
Family Problem Solving Avoiding Trouble Family Problem Solving When You Are Not Sure
Final Group Celebration Final Group Celebration Final Group Celebration Final Group Celebration


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