Banyan’s Transitional Out of Home Supports Program is a licensed Staff Model Home program under the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services (MCCSS) located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is operated in partnership with the Hamilton Child and Family Supports and Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (child welfare agencies).


What this 2-bed residence program offers:

  • 24 hours Transitional Home Support short-term placements to children and youth in need of mental health or behavioural supports who are transitioning to long term or permanent residence.
  • The opportunity for children and youth to live safety in a stable environment while exploration for a permanent home is done. Home security, comfort, and safety standards are met through the general upkeep and repairs by skilled property and maintenance staff.
  • Nutritious meals in a welcoming, clean, and well-maintained organized home environment.
  • Support for ongoing connection and reconnection opportunities with family and significant others.
  • Emotional Regulation support using Banyan’s SNAP® or SURE.
  • On-going opportunities for Activity of Daily Living skill development based on the individual’s needs and abilities.
  • Experienced leadership and supervision to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable home environment. Banyan’s Transitional Out of Homes Supports staff have varying backgrounds in the Social Services field such as Child and Youth Worker, Social Service Worker, Developmental Service worker etc.
  • Medication administration, monitoring, and record keeping as required.


Child Welfare agencies support and involvement:

  • The program is compensated by Child Welfare to ensure areas of social, education, clothing, medical, and community involvement is supported.
  • A Social Worker assessment ensures any area of need is identify and discussed with Child Welfare. If it is felt the individual could use ongoing support for Mental Health or Trauma, Banyan will work with the child welfare agency to create a plan to support this need.
  • Bridge youth retuning home with Banyan’s Parent/Adolescent Conflict Program (PAC).


This evidence-informed program is guided by the following best practices:

  • Placing youth at the heart of service provision.
  • Enhancing protective factors and mitigating risk factors.
  • Responding to each youth’s individual strengths and needs.
  • Being sensitive to social, linguistic and cultural diversity.



All referrals for Banyan’s Transitional Out of Home Supports Program come from child welfare agencies in Hamilton, Ontario.


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